Pi Day Fun!


Mr. Chad, Ms. Liz, and Mr. Tom, our middle school team, were all willing to get “Pi-ed” on Pi Day

Pi Day is always a fun day here at Coastal Montessori Charter School. In class, the students learn all about this never-ending mathematical constant and how it represents the ratio of the circle’s circumference to its diameter. But it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun using just a pencil and paper. Here at CMCS, many of our teachers give this lesson using actual pies! How convenient!

To add more excitement to the day, we have started auctioning off the chance to throw a pie in a teacher’s face during the annual Valentine’s Day Gala. This year 12 of our teachers and staff members volunteered to take a pie to the face on Pi Day. The money raised from these silent auction items has provided each class with raised garden beds as well as new computers for the school. It goes to show that the awesome staff here at CMCS will do just about anything for their students!

You can see more photos of teachers getting “Pi-ed” at this link.

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