To Infinity and Beyond!

Each year we spend time exploring the wonders of geometry through our study of circles and that mysterious, infinite number of Pi. We began by reading stories about Pi and then we wrote “Pi-Ku,” with a beat of 3-1-4 instead of the usual 5-7-5 of the traditional haiku poetry. We practiced using mathematical formulas related to circles in order to find radius, diameter, circumference and area for various circular objects found around our classroom. We stretched our brain capacity by trying to see who could remember the most digits of Pi. We labeled the parts of the circle on round cookies, which made for a tasty, yet educational treat! We sampled pie (on “Leftover Pi Day” since we ran out of time on Tuesday!) and of course, a few even had the opportunity to throw pies in the faces of teachers and staff members! This is always an exciting day of mathematical adventures and we appreciate all of the cookies and pies that were sent in to bring our learning experiences to life!


Lilly and Sophie labeling a cookie with the parts of the circle.


A circle has so many different parts to it!


Dane really enjoyed the green icing!


Alaina and Bryn estimating the diameter of a pie before taking actual measurements.


Bryson and Harrison working on their notes for the parts of a circle.


Lexi and Carolina estimating the circumference of the globe.

Lexi and Carolina estimating the circumference of the globe.


Measuring the wheels of the sand table.


Sidda, Allie, Ella, and Ava working on measurements for the globe.




The students are excited to see the pie throwing commence!


It turns out, Ms. Sarah purchased a pie at the auction to squish into my face! Mr. Jarod received a pie from his son, Mason.


What a mess!


All in good fun!

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