Patriots Point and Science Projects

Hello families,

This past Friday, the fifth years had an opportunity to travel to Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, which is located on the USS Yorktown in Charleston Harbor. This day was full of history and science activities with loads of hands-on learning. Our class began the day discussing local ecosystems and how we can protect them. They really enjoyed the “Oil Spill Investigation” activity where they had to discover how an oil spill began and figure out how contain/clean-up the spill. Afterwards, we learned about the USS Yorktown’s history and the Dolittle Raiders mission in World War II.  The students even had an opportunity to take part in the Dolittle Raid and work out the specifics of the mission. It was a wonderful day all around!

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Also, our annual Wax Museum is this week. Our class is presenting tomorrow at 10 a.m. Your child will be sharing what they learned about the person they researched who helped change our world. We would love to have you come and seen the presentations which will last for about 45 minutes. If you cannot attend, I will be taking plenty of pictures for next weeks update! Here are a few of them working hard on their research!

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Finally, they students have been hard at work on their aquarium projects for science. Each group is using a different technological element to create their project. We have a group making a movie, one group creating a digital poster, another is creating a digital story, while one group is creating a website, and another is creating a digital slide show. All the projects will be turned in this week. I will share with you how to access the projects once they are completed. 

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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