Patriotic Symbols Explored with Art

As the Upper Elementary students are focusing on different aspects of American culture, we started Art a few weeks early to explore American symbols. In order to prepare for the project, each class assigned a morning journal on the topic of American symbols.  When I arrived they began the project, as they do with all of their projects, by drawing a rough draft of their selected symbol in their sketch book. The next step involved creating painted paper, as shown below.

The second week of the project I introduced the students to the work of South Carolina native, Jasper Johns ( and we talked about his use of symbols in his famous collage paintings.  Many were amazed by his collage titled White Flag among others. Then the art making began as they used their painted paper to assemble their own collages.  A few of the pieces are attached below, but many more are on display in our hall, so I invite you to stop and enjoy the art the next time you visit CMCS.


Creating Painted Paper


More Painted Paper


final art 3

American Eagle

final art1

Liberty Bell

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