Parent Letter on Band and Music


Dear parents,

I want to introduce myself as the new Music and Band Director at Coastal Montessori Charter School and am looking forward to working with your child this year in learning music and musical concepts.

There will be a couple of different music offerings for the children at CMCS this year, I’d like to take a moment to briefly describe these to you so you are aware and can help your child in making decisions about Music and Band.

First the Music aspect will deal with elementary Music objectives including but not limited to singing, playing instruments (age appropriate), and motion.  The students in grades 1-3 will follow the objectives and goals as outlined by SCDOE goals and objectives.

With students in grades 4-6, these students will begin to play on instruments in their classroom.  Flutophones and recorders will be used as a pre-band offering, to prepare students to be in a band program if they/you, the parent choose that for your child.  The band program will be offered to 5th grade students and run through the 8th grade with hopes of connecting the students with Waccamaw High School students and Waccamaw Middle School with occasional joint programs when available.

If students do not wish to learn to play an instrument, there will be Music Theory available (General Music), where the students will learn Musical Concepts consisting of rhythm, melody, harmony, styles, form of music, and analysis of music.  Within this the students will be learning objectives based on the SCDOE Music learning goals and objectives throughout the school year while I have their class.

I will be sending new and additional information out separately about joining the NEW Band program that is being offered at CMCS this year.  I encourage you to allow your child the opportunity to try the band program out and see if they will like being part of this team.  I have connected with STAR Music out of Myrtle Beach to offer a rental night and will attempt to coordinate this with Waccamaw Intermediate School when they do their rental night.  However, I will send additional information out to you soon.

Thus, I am very excited to begin working with your children in the CMCS this year.  I have many ideas to share with the students.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime, email, or call.

Mr. Joe (Pittman)

Director of Band and Music

Coastal Montessori Charter School

Phone: 843.235-0413


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