Our First Days

It’s been an wonderful first full week of school.  Lots of review work, practical life lessons, and classroom routines are being practiced and recalled!  

This week, special classes; P.E., Music, Spanish, and art begin.  Tuesday is when most of our specials will be offered, including P.E.  Please be sure your child is in P.E. uniform and has a water bottle.  We’re looking forward to working with the special teachers!

Ms. Reagan and I try to capture some moments from our days to share with you.  Enjoy!


First years are reviewing the geometric solids by making models of them.

Weaving is a pre-lesson for sewing. All the students look forward to weaving work!

The Golden Bead work in Montessori help to develop mastery of number and place value with large numbers. Golden Beads are a part of the math curriculum from Primary to the Upper Elementary years.

Prepping for our first pot of chicken noodle soup of the school year! Every Thursday, we eat in our classroom and practice grace and courtesy. As a chore, students also plan and prepare an In-Class Lunch.

Stamp Game is used to practice all four operation of math.

We’ve been practicing writing short stories in the third person with Blue and Sandy as our inspiration!

Hmmmmm. Now what?! It takes us some time to get back into our groove!

We’re working on some scrolling and plan to make a piece of art for our shared restroom with Ms. Shaye’s classroom.

Reviewing our bead bars and numbers!

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