October News in UE1

Hello all,
Thankfully, it was a productive week in the classroom.  We finished up units on water cycles, Clock of Eras, and the first installation of Hillary’s Greek and Roman unit.  We are moving forward in math with the focus on multiplication and division across the board.  The students are finishing up the first essay of the year, and we finally started our poetry curriculum.  It feels good to be on track after a rocky start.
That being said, you might have heard about the “Traditional School Crack Down” in class this past week.  Some of the children have had a difficult time being responsible concerning the finishing of enough quality work on a daily basis, so I thought and thought about the reasons WHY this was happening.  And I really didn’t come up with any one thing.  There were many things.  So, we spent 3 days working in silence, raising hands to get up to do or say anything, and I told the children what to work on and when to switch topics.  As you hopefully know, this is so NOT Montessori.  But my first priority is their education and if they can’t/won’t get their work finished, it’s my duty to ensure they do.  I am sincerely hopeful we do not have to return to this work style, but I am prepared to if they do not show the responsibility to monitor their own work.  I will keep you posted!
All students were given their new Word Wednesday assignment on Thursday, and I have a Word Wednesday attachment for you.  Don’t forget to have the students send the completed paper to ue1@coastalmontessoricharter.org  in either Word form or Google Docs.
FOR 5TH YEAR PARENTS ONLY:  All 5th year students at the school have been invited to attend a performance sponsored by the Pawleys Island Festival of Music and Art called Artrageous.  All the details of the trip can be found at this link, where you will sign a permission slip for your child to attend:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe2Sl7qtSncPOYGXTa_qHTeAxzelB_DYEjgy34nCUnZ8QebBA/viewform

Mr. Chad told us about an opportunity for kids to win tickets to the annual ClemsonCarolina football game.  Parents can send in a list verifying their child has read 6 books and bring it to their teacher.  Then the teacher submits the students’ names and enters them into the contest.  If this is something you would be interested in, follow this link:  SC Reads  http://screads.org/read-your-way-to-the-big-game/   Deadline is November 3 for our class.
Here is the School Pictures Link:
https://middlechildphotography.shootproof.com/gallery/cmcs2017/   Check them out!  You will order pictures from here.   Just let me say – These are the cutest children in the world!
Other October Activities:
TBD:  A field trip to the Salt Marsh to discuss this dynamic and fragile ecosystem.
October 5 – First Tee for 4th Years – dress appropriately
October 6 – 5th Year trip – Artrageous!  and Earned Free Dress Day
October 18 – $ Dress Day for MMUN – free dress
October 19 – Family Literacy Night at CMCS
October 20 – Midway Fire Dept. Education Day at CMCS
October 25 – Meteorologist Ed Piotrowski visits the Upper Elementary
October 27 – Hurricane Irma Make Up Day!!!  We ARE in school

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