We’ve made it to through the Halloween festivities and arrived in November.  Thank you parents and PTO for all your assistance in the Halloween festival, it was wonderful seeing all of the costumes and events for the children to participate in.

As we enter into November, I just want to remind parents of the Band students to keep listening for your children practicing at home as we will be planning a little concert in December for the Band to show what they have learned.  As we continue to prepare for this program, it is very important for your child to remember to come to Band class on their assigned day so they are prepared for the program.  I have seen where middle school students are deciding to miss band to complete assignments at the end of the day and are missing vital learning.  Where we only have a month, I would like to see the students be as successful as they can in playing their instruments and for our Band program in December to sound the best as it can for you.  Please keep encouraging your children to practice those instruments.

The upper and lower elementary students are beginning to learn songs about Thanksgiving in Music and prepare Musical selections for a special program that will take place on December 9 at Barnes and Nobel’s in the Market Commons where each class will perform selections we are learning as well as some holiday songs for December.  Make sure you plan and put this date on your calendar (December 9) where we can entertain visitors and parents alike at Barnes and Nobel’s Bookstore.  More information will be sent home as we get closer to the date, so keep an eye out for more information from Ms. Kim, the elementary teachers, middle school teachers, and myself!!!

Thank you for all of your support in the Music and Band programs at CMCS.

Mr. Joe, Director of Band

Coastal Montessori Charter School

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