New Semester, New Stories

With the new semester finally here, we will be starting new stories in all the classes.

Lower Elementary – Gatos, Gatos

A story about an Abuela (grandmother) with too many Gatos (cats)!  We will be discussing simple introduction language – “Yo soy”, reviewing family members, colors and numbers.

Upper Elementary – 4th – El Señor Moreno – A grumpy old man is grumpy no matter the weather outside.  We will be learning weather vocabulary.

5th- Pobre Nico – Poor Nico’s suitcase is lost on his flight and he has to wear the same clothes all week.  We will be continuing to learn more clothing vocabulary started in La Maleta de Gloria along with reviewing family members and locations.

6th – La Casa Se Quema – The fireman has to search a house on fire.  We will be learning the rooms of the house and reviewing family members.

Middle School – The New students were given the novel we will be reading this semester – Patricia Va a California.  The novel is completely in Spanish, but is a Novice-Low level, which is equivalent to a beginning Spanish I class.  We will be slowly reading the novel, and learning basic vocabulary associated with the book.  If your student was part of Spanish last semester, we will continue to move forward with our verb conjugations in addition to acquiring the new vocabulary.

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