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We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day by exchanging cards of friendship (if you choose to participate, the list of names has been sent previously) and making a community snack of Valentine’s Chex Mix. If you would like to donate an ingredient, please go to our Sign Up Genius link:

If you would like to send in candy with your valentines, those will be sent home in our valentine’s bags to be enjoyed.

We had a great week with wonderful homework projects being shared! One family researched the history of Valentine’s Day and created a Mac Keynote together to share their findings! One student made a tissue box book report on her Rockin’ Reader story, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” Another student shared his visit to the Chinese New Year Festival, and another shared her homemade instrument and what she had learned about sound vibrations! Well done! I look forward to seeing and hearing about Home Work next Tuesday!

The 2nd years had wonderful presentations for their African country research. We even enjoyed treats from Kenya, Tanzania, and and Egypt. They did a wonderful job!












Need Homework ideas?
1sts: retelling and story elements, word families, adjectives, polygons, reptiles
When you read together, have your learner retell the story, including beginning, middle, end, characters, setting and main idea. Practice word families (words that end in the same spelling pattern: can pan ban fan) by playing a game…see how many you can name in thirty seconds. Build polygons (2D closed figures with straight sides that don’t cross) with toothpicks and marshmallows.

2nds: character analysis,beginning multiplication, reptiles
When you read together, have your learner describe the character, make connections, and predict how the character will change through the course of the story.
Consider using to build automaticity with math facts (all operations).

3rds: coordinate plotting, multiplication, text dependent analysis, greek and latin roots
Print out this poster to help connect reading and writing. Encourage your learner to write about what they read using the evidence from the text.
Close Reading  and TDA  Lets Talk  About Text

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