Montessori Moments from Last Week

Enjoy some pictures from last week!

The first year students work together to learn about land forms.

The Montessori cultural studies curriculum offers many opportunities for students to practice their reading skills.

Two first year students work together to read about land forms.

Last week, the students made posters to represent something they learned about Australia. A few students made flags…

One student was more interested in the economics and natural resources of Australia…

While other students wanted to learn about types housing in different regions of the country.

One classmate chose to learn more about the rainbow serpent and its use in Aboriginal art and mythology.

Of course, the boomerang was an interesting object for students to learn about…

As was the Great Barrier Reef.

First year students chose animals native to Australia to research. We learned about textile cone snails, kangaroos, numbats, wombats and…


It is not uncommon for an older student to teach the younger students how to use the Montessori materials. Here a second year student shows two first year students how to use the bead bars to practice math facts.


Sewing consistent stitches of the same size requires patience and concentration.

And what is a Montessori student to do when she accidentally wears flip flops to school? She addresses the mistake head-on with creative problem solving.

It took all morning and most of the afternoon, but she was able to make a pair of moccasins to cover her flip flops and protect her exposed toes.

A beautiful example of cultivating real life skills in children.


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