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PTO Meeting Minutes – January 12, 2016

Rachel Tomovski’ s House

The PTO president, Melissa Nordstrom, called the meeting to order at 6:17pm. Those in attendance were Christine Kaulback, Lisa Maselli, Amber Bacon, Rachel Tomovski, Barb Royal, Robyn Jones, Lynn Dziekan.

There were no new attendees at this meeting.Thank you to Rachel Tomovski for hosting this month’s PTO meeting!

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the December 8th meeting were submitted and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: Our current balance is $4100.79. All the numbers were reconciled with Tia. We are making great progress toward our annual goal.

1. Event Summary:

a. Teacher’s Luncheon- Thank you to Kristin Alford and Camden Harcum for a job well done! The feedback from this event was great.

b. PTO Holiday Shopping- Feedback from the teachers/staff and families was very positive. The PTO will send feedback to the parents/families about how this event went and how much the teachers/staff liked it. This event will be done again at the end of the year. We anticipate a lower turn out. There will be no handling charge but would anticipate a handling charge of $2-$3 for the holiday season. Next year we will need to have all the forms from the families one weekend prior, in order to allow time to purchase, wrap and distribute the gifts. Also next year,we will only use gift cards. We can get visa gift cards free from TD bank. The wrapping of the gifts was very time consuming. We will have a $2.00 surcharge/carrier charge go back to the PTO. For next year, it was recommended that we start advertising this event the week after Thanksgiving.

2. Fundraising

a. Holiday Butters- Sold out!! This was a very profitable event. Next year, we will order 75% apple and 25% pumpkin and other items from this company, as well as, gift basket fundraisers including these products with CMCS labeling to be sold at the Spaghetti dinner and Holiday Shopper. Orders must be in by the end of September in order to get delivery on time and labeling done without requiring rush orders and special handling. As a reminder, the butters come on pallets and need to be offloaded, so a company with those capabilities will need to receive these

b. Greenery- The profit for this event was low, $126, but profitable none the less. Next year, we will start this fundraiser in early October and deliver as much as possible via carpool.

3. PTO Board Updated by Lori Pigg to Valentine’s Day- A big thank you to Lori Pigg for taking ownership of the PTO board and keeping it updated.

4. Annual Goal Update- Steve Chambers will be the contact for Melissa at Mercom for the PA system. Melissa last emailed him on 11/22/15 and anticipates that he will reach out once some structure regarding the communications system for the new school has been put in place.

New Business

1. MLK Parade Participation- This event has been cancelled by Dr. Hunt. CMCS will do the Christmas Parade instead at their Fall 2016 Georgetown focus/visibility event, for Spring 2016. We still need to choose a charity walk. Thank you to Rachel Tipton for offering to do all the musical organization.

2. Mascot- The wave will remain until further notice.

CMCS PTO Community Give Back- It is very important to do some each quarter.

1. Bagel Cafe Day- Barb will organize with Deb a day where they will have a separate menu, on a particular day (probably a Saturday) where all CMCS staff, scholars and families canorder from. All the profit made that day will go directly to Bagel Cafe. This will be posted on CMCS’s Facebook page and blog. This will not be a fundraiser!

2. Charity- Leukemia, March of Dimes, Specific Family- We need to choose a walk for the Spring. The Georgetown Events website currently only lists three events. We need someone to follow up on this one and see is they can find a charitable walk for CMCS to participate. March 22 is the Lowcountry Quilt show. We do not have time this year to participate but what a wonderful thing to get the scholars involved in for next year, if we could find a parent to run an entry for next year.


a. Cookbook Initiative- This is being tabled for the 2015-2016 school year. We recommend that the cookbook event become a handoff project from the one PTO board (15/16) to another PTO board (16/17) with most of the prep and production done by the previous board for the purpose of giving the following board a jumpstart on their Fall/Holiday fundraiser. We need a captain for this one and we need to review the compilation software available for this as well. Place on upcoming agenda.

b. February is for FUN- Fun Warehouse Day- Everyone liked this idea. Melissa will get the dates.

c. Upcoming Membership Drive- Melissa will be changing the wording to the membership forms and asking the team for editing. This will be sent out again to the CMCS families to increase participation for the membership and events.

d. Box Tops for Education- We currently have $200 and our goal is $1000. Melissa will touch base with Cathy regarding the printing of the forms for distribution. The PTO will not be handling this for the 2015-2016 school year. This is strictly a school fundraiser at this time. There will be discussion about the PTO handling it possibly for next year.

e. Frosty Fruit Incentive- Melissa will post all the information for review.

g. Valentine’s Day Promo- We are trying to brainstorm fun ideas that will allow the scholars to have a creative way of sending out heartfelt messages to fellow students/teachers/staff/family.

f. Yankee Candle Promo for Mother’s Day- Mother’s Day Promo agreed upon. We will distribute catalogs end of March beginning of April.

5. Girl Scouts- The PTO is fine with a generic posting on the PTO Facebook page, other elements need to be discussed with school leadership so as to maintain consistency. Lynn spoke to Tia/Dr. Hunt and determined that the policy does not allow Girl Scout flyers to be distributed to classes or in carpool and will not be allowed on the school’s Facebook page since it would allow other groups seeking solicitation to demand similar accommodation.

6. Next PTO Location- It will be at Melissa’s house, unless an alternative location becomes available. Address is 4470 Firethorne Drive, Murrells Inlet. Behind Waccamaw Hospital

7. March Meeting will be back in the Library- Tuesday, March 14th 6-7:30.

Other Notes: Photo Fundraiser- Further discussion required. We need to reach out to Ms. Shaye first, then depending on her response, we have other photographers that can participate. Timing was not determined. We also discussed sharing the proceeds or doing this as PTO initiative. Camden Harcum is the one that brought this to Melissa’s attention and caused her to include the topic on the agenda. It may be wise to reach out to her regarding recommendations as she is artsy and may have some good recommendations.

Beach Blast- Robyn Jones will call Huntington State Park to find out if we could hold the event there. She will update us on the details. Robyn is the captain for this event and it would probably be a good idea to start putting some additional leadership in place for this event, before it is upon us. Robyn and Melissa agreed that we would set a meeting in the next few weeks to discuss. We will send out an invite for this one when we are ready.

Yoga-We have discussed having the morning yoga class, led by Robyn Jones, as a PTO fundraiser. More discussion is needed on this topic.

The spring calendar needs to be updated to include all upcoming events.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Christine Kaulback, PTO secretary.


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