May the Fourth Be with You!

After two days of state testing, we are SPENT! I am so proud of the third years, how hard they worked, and the perseverance they showed. That kind of stamina is not ideal for 8 and 9 year olds, but they were dedicated and powered through! We still have one more day of state testing (Tuesday, May 9th) and two more days of MAP. MAP will include the second years and will occur on Thursday May 11th (reading) and Tuesday May 16th (math). Lots of events are coming up so I’ll be sending frequent updates through Remind.

We did a whole-class movement activity this week, matching up idioms with their literal meanings. The kids had a blast and wanted to play it over and over.

One of our third years presented a fantastic homework project – a Prezi and a handmade sculpture of the Kiwi Bird, native to New Zealand.

Because of testing, we are working with a lot of review skills. I highly suggest using the state’s site with practice questions so you, as parents, can get an understanding of what the test looks and sounds like. The site must be opened through Google Chrome.





If you have not already (and wish to do so), please contact me via email to schedule an end-of-the-year conference. Firsts will be 15-17, seconds will be 18-19,22, and thirds will be 23-25.

We’ve worked hard! Now let’s be awesome!

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