March Photo Madness

Hello families,

This month has been so jammed pack that I have decided to do an update that is all photos! I hope you enjoy seeing what we have been up to over the past month!

The first major event was our annual Wax Museum to share our biography reports! Each student did a great job taking on the role of their specific person. In fact, I took so many pictures that it is easier to share the link to my Google drive! You should be able to download pictures of your own child, but if you cannot get it to work, please let me know.

Ms. Sarah has been teaching the students a lot about flowers and plants in our Botany study. This will continue with our growing of Spartina seeds for the “Seeds-to-Shoreline” project we participate in as well as our in class plant experiments coming up. Earlier this month, Ms. Sarah had the students dissect flowers to identify the various parts of the plants. Here are few pictures of that day.

20170302_130959 20170302_131009 20170302_131022 20170302_131058 20170302_131107 20170302_131117

Another big event was the MMUN trip to NYC! We had an amazing time taking in the sites of the city, trying new foods, seeing a Broadway show, and then there was the MMUN Conference itself! The students did an amazing job representing the Republic of Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On Saturday, a few of our own CMCS students (Abbie, Thierry, and Luke) were chosen to help present their committee’s resolution at the podium of the UN general Assembly. Follow the Google drive link below to see the pictures and videos from our fabulous trip!

While we were in NYC, Ms. Jo was running the ship back here at CMCS! The students worked hard all week and on Friday they were able to have a “Read-and-Eat” day. Throughout the morning, the students took breaks from their regular work to drop everything to read….and maybe enjoy a snack along the way. 

image1 image2 image3 image1 image2 image1 image2 image1 image2

When we returned from NYC, it was back to the grind! Each month we have an estimation jar in class to help the students work on making educated guesses about how much a container can hold. The objects vary in size to show how the number of items depends on the object’s size and volume. In honor of Spring, I chose jelly beans this month! The students not only made estimations, they also used a dichotomous key to figure out which bean was which! Some of their faces show how much they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy the jelly beans they were identifying! 

20170313_142902 20170313_142912 20170313_142917 20170313_142922 20170313_142938 20170313_142942 20170313_142951

This past Tuesday (3-14) was Pi Day! As a class, we learned about circles and that magic number Pi. The students practiced measuring the radius, diameter, and circumference of a circle to learn about how they are related to one another. We also got to enjoy some circle treats and at the end of the day I even got a pie in the face for Pi Day!

20170314_100110 20170314_100124 20170314_100354 20170314_100405 20170314_100902 20170314_110932 FB_IMG_1489953518434 FB_IMG_1489953521937

What an amazing month of learning and fun! Every day I get to spend working with and guiding your children is my absolute honor and pleasure. As Dr. Montessori once said, “Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.” These events where learning happens through doing various tasks are absolutely vital. 

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds for our class! Have a great week.

Ms. Hillary

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