Lower Elementary

The year has gotten off to a good (if slow) start.  I am trying some new lessons with the 2nd and 3rd grade elementary students.  We will be reading a lot of stories this year. The stories are presented in very easy language, yet completely in Spanish.  It will be a slight learning curve, but hopefully the kids will really fly.  The stories all use repetitive language and simple cognates.  Their verb usage will increase and come naturally through the stories.  In years past, we have worked with simple noun vocabulary and very structured sentences.

The story we have been reading with the 2nd and 3rd years is called “La Familia” or “The Family”.  We are working on colors and family members.  They should be able to tell you mom, dad, brother, sister, dog and cat in Español!

We were unable to make individual copies for each student this year.  It lieu of individual copies, I have made a grade binder for each class.  The students will be responsible for going to their classroom binder and completing their work in their Spanish folder on the notebook paper provided.  If your scholar has difficulty completing their work in class, I can upload the stories and work to a google classroom.  Each student can then use a parents email to access the stories and work.  Please email me if this is something you would like the access code to.

Please ask your 2nd and 3rd years if they have a pink Spanish folder.  Some folders were accidentally sent home with the students last year.  If you can easily find them, please send them back with your students as soon as possible.  If you are unable to find the folder, please purchase a new one to send in.  I have seen the plastic folders with 3 fasteners at Walmart for as little as 25 cents.  A bright pink color would be ideal, but at this point any folder with 3 fasteners is needed.

The first years are singing a lot of songs and playing games using our vocabulary.  Ask your first year about our counting song.  Since we are starting in October and Fall is in the air, we will be exchanging our word “amigos” for “calabazas” or pumpkins.

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