La Primera Semana de Febrero

Lower Elementary –

We will be starting a new story called Los Tres Osos – The Three Bears.  It is the fairytale we all know and love.  The children will be learning sizes – grande-big, mediana – medium and  pequeño – small.  We will learn how to apply the sizes to different household items.  All nouns in Español have either a masculine or femenine designation.  Adjectives change depending on the noun for example: El niño pequeño.  La niña pequeña.  The small boy.  The small girl.  We will be on this story for a few weeks because there are different versions where the story gets added to every week in order to get to the final full of detail story that we all love. Vocabulary will be added and learned as we move through the stories.

Upper Elementary –

4th years – El Señor Marrero – We will be continuing our weather stories.  We will be adding a new story to our reading this week – La Abuela y el serpiente – The Grandmother and the Snake.  We will continue discussing the weather and weather vocabulary.

5th Years – El Oso Duerme – The Bear Sleeps.  We will continue our weather and season vocabulary.  We will review other weather stories that reenforce the weather vocabulary.

6th years.  We will officially be starting our Novel – EL Capibara Con Botas – The Capybara with Boots.  This is a full length Novel in Spanish.  There is simple, repetitive vocabulary throughout the novel, along with many common cognates.  We will be learning about capybaras, the Amazon and Ecuador until the end of the year.  I am hoping to cover a chapter or two each week.  The story is easy to understand and has some great age appropriate humor for the kids to enjoy.

Middle School –

We have finished Chapter One in Patricia Va a California.  We have also read a few smaller stories that include colors and seasons.  We will continue to read the novel and take side story adventures.  This week we will be learning about likes and dislikes.  We will be using a few stories and Señor Wooly videos to help enforce the grammar rules associated with “Le gusta”.




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