La Familia

Over the beginning weeks of school, the lower elementary students read  a simple Spanish story called La Familia – The Family.

First yearsl have been learning family member vocabulary, colors and numbers.  We have been singing songs and playing counting games.  We continue the same vocabulary with second and third years, but add a few more nuggets for them to enjoy.

We have since moved on to a new story called La Familia de Galletas – The Family of Cookies.  This story continues the previous vocabulary and adds in new family members. We are also learning how to say we like or don’t like certain things.  I am happy to report most of the student DO like broccoli! We will be in this story for a few weeks in order to enjoy all the different vocabulary available in it.

In the past weeks, the second and third year students wrote their very own stories about different types of families!  I was very proud of them writing 4 or more complete sentences in Spanish!  Please ask your scholars about their stories!


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