La Capernucita Roja y La Sirenita

Welcome to another year of Español!  This semester we will be reading well known Fairy Tales.  We first read La Capernucita Roja (Little Red Riding Hood).  The story is a well known and easily followed story – no matter what language.   We are now on La Sirenita (The little Mermaid).  This story is a little more involved.  While the story is well known, there are a few versions out there – the Disney version being the most well known.  Our story is not quite as grim as the original, but neither is it the happily ever after ending the kids have come to know.  We have been cramming in our vocabulary and verb conjugation skills every day!  We have practiced all verb endings in the present tense, but we have emphasized the -ar endings in our work the most.  The students have all joined my google classroom and all stories and work are available through their link.

The students will also have some Señor Wooly videos to watch and nuggets to complete from week to week.  If you are new to my Spanish class, then you are in for a treat!  These videos are extremely catchy and the students learn so much more than they think.  If you are lucky enough to hear the videos and snippets that are replayed for the nuggets, then you too will be singing along with the songs.

There will be homework throughout the week.  Homework will involve a mix of completing una hoja de practica (a practice sheet – found in the google classroom), completing a certain amount of nuggets on Señor Wooly, or simply reading the story.  The main idea for this year is repetition! Read, read, read the stories!

On a side note – Each student is required to have a college ruled composition notebook, a Spanish-English dictionary and their Chromebook for each class meeting.  please check to make sure your scholar has what he needs to succeed in class.

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