January 2017 – Happy New Year!

            From the stories the children told us, it sounds like everyone had a wonderful winter break. And I saw snow yesterday in Pawleys Island! Looks like winter is here, at least for a few days. J

January will bring a couple of changes to our classroom curriculum as we start new curriculum and homework. In the classroom, we will be studying the ocean topography, tides, and watersheds in Science, Ancient African civilizations in History, moving into analogies and homophones/prefixes/suffixes in Language, and finishing up a study of fractions in Math so we can move into Geometry by the end of the month.

As for Homework, I will be giving Wordly Wise a rest for a month or so to do some word study in the area of Analogies. Learning to recognize and find relationships between words and ideas is what I call a ‘Language Brain Teaser’. Brainteasers are puzzles that make us think in a logical manner to find a solution to a complex problem. That’s what Analogies are! Yes, they are hard, but they make brains pop and new neuron connections in developing brains. That’s my job! To make brains POP, not explode. So while I do expect some frustrations with the analogies unit, I do not expect anyone to work so hard their brains explode. If your child is having an exceptionally difficult time with the analogy work, PLEASE let me know. I can adjust the difficulty of the book they are in. They will be expected to complete a specific amount of work in a week. This will be assigned on Monday and is to be completed by the following Monday. There will be times when your child will need to do a little research to find the answers. Please allow them to use an encyclopedia or computer to look up answers to questions when needed.

I will also be assigning Math pages for homework. We were given some review books for the SC Ready end-of-year test and I am using them to assign homework. This should help prepare the students for the testing in May by exposing them to the vocabulary and style the test will be using. Plus it is a good math review, which I like. Again, pages will be assigned on Monday and due by the following Monday.

Even though homework is assigned on a weekly basis, I expect children to bring math and Analogy work in DAILY for us to check. This way we can stay on top of the checking of work and they don’t get too far behind. By allowing a week to get the work done, students can skip a night when needed and not get behind. I do not recommend skipping more than one night in a row, however, as that can create a hardship when trying to catch up over the weekend.

We will be conducting our mid-year MAP testing over the next couple of weeks. I will share definite dates with you when I get them. After testing is complete, I will be available for mid-year conferences. At this conference, I recommend students attend with their parents to go over the test scores and the goals they set in the fall. This conference is optional and available for parents who feel the need to check in with me. I will set up a Sign-Up Genius calendar for those of you choosing to meet with me.

If you haven’t made it in to see our new home yet, please visit! We absolutely love our new digs!

Calendar of Events:

  • Thursday, Jan. 12 – Full Day of School
  • Friday, Jan. 13 – Half Day of School – Dismissal at 11:25
  • Monday, Jan. 16 – Martin Luther King Holiday – No school
  • Wednesday, Jan. 18 – MMUN Dollar Dress Day
  • January 18th, 19th, 25th, and 26th: Play Practice for UE. Any student with a speaking part will need to attend practices!
  • Saturday, Jan. 21 – GCSD Academic Fair at Georgetown Middle School
  • Saturday, Jan. 28 – MMUN Fun Fair Fundraiser – At our school. Plan to come out from 11 – 3 for fun games and a good time. More info to come – just put it on the calendar for now!
  • February 3 – UE Winter Play with Mr. Chad at WHS. Info to come, but this on your calendar, too.
  • February 11 – Eat, Play, Love – Fundraiser for the kids’ playground


As always, please call me or email with questions!


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