It’s the final countdown!!

We have had some VERY exciting days at CMCS as we count down to the last day of school! We began with Launch Day on Tuesday as part of our final Science unit on Force and Motion. The students spent a week designing and building rockets from paper towel tubes and manila file folders, using grocery bags as parachutes. Fortunately, the rain held off just long enough for us to launch all of the rockets from our class. We had a few that never made it off the launch pad…the engine went straight through the top of the rocket body and into the air, leaving the rocket itself sitting on the pad! For the most part; however, they were quite successful. It is amazing how high one can launch a paper towel tube!! 

Rockets.Class And Commotion Cat

Even Commotion Cat is ready for Launch Day!

Rockets.Bryn Ready For Launch Rockets.Dane Rockets.DanesRocket Rockets.Stella

Next, we participated in a little “History Mystery Theater.” Students took on the roles of various figures from the Industrial Revolution at the dawn of the 20th Century including Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, Lucy Parsons, Samuel Gompers, and more. The scene was set at a dinner party, during which the key to the safe protecting $460 million to be paid by Morgan to Carnegie for the sale of one of Carnegie’s companies disappears. They really got into their roles and did a great job tracking down clues to solve the mystery. It was a fun way to bring some of these historical characters to life!

Mystery Theater.Sean

“Apparently, I scare small children!” – Sean, a.k.a., Bela Lugosi

Mystery Theater.Sidda

Charles Atlas (Sidda) trying to sort out clues to solve the mystery.

Mystery Theater

Finally, we closed out our Force and Motion unit with the wildly popular Egg Drop! There were some extremely creative contraptions, some even protected the eggs from their crash landing after being dropped from the very top of the fire truck ladder! Others landed with spectacular splats onto the driveway. We learned a few things from both successes and failures. The consensus seemed to be that lightweight padding was necessary, as well as more planning and practice time. Those who waited until the last minute to throw something together more often than not ended up with rather dramatic explosions upon impact! 

Egg Drop.Harrison.Cabbage

Harrison hid his egg inside an avocado and then placed it inside a cabbage…

Egg Drop.Harrison

Turns out…the cabbage wasn’t much protection for Harrison’s egg!

Egg Drop.Jesse.Before

Jesse created a container from cardboard and then hid his egg inside a tomato and cushioned it with pine straw and leaves.

Egg Drop.Jesse

Jesse…I think you are on to something!

Egg Drop.Jesse.Success

Congratulations, Jesse!

Egg Drop.Nan.GoingUp

Ms. Nan heading up on the ladder!

Egg Drop.BombsAway

Bombs away!

Egg Drop.Sophie.Sand

Sophie and her bag of sand.

Egg Drop.Splat

As you can see from the mess, the bag of sand didn’t quite make it.

Egg Drop.Stella.Curlers

Stella before…

Egg Drop.Stella

Stella after…the curlers did the trick! 

Egg Drop.Jacob

Yay, Jacob!

We also celebrated our 6th years at our annual graduation dinner. This year we met at Ship’s Pub and had a great time laughing together and sharing memories. We are so proud of the young adults they are becoming! 

Grad Dinner.1 Grad Dinner.2 Grad Dinner.3 Grad Dinner.4 Grad Dinner.5

Just four more days – enjoy them while they last! 


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