It’s Dance Time

Why Teach Dance

It is that time of the year when the weather can be questionable and make it sometimes hard to have PE outside. After the Elementary students return from Thanksgiving break they will be beginning their dance unit. This unit will last a total of 5 weeks. During this time they will learn a total of 5 different dances, these types of dances ranging from rhythmic, line, folk and some partner dances.

Dance is a series of support skills and fitness options that enhance every other activity a person will do. example, spatial awareness and movement development are necessary in every sport an “elite athlete” will participate in.  Rhythm and timing are essential in most activities, and cardiorespiratory endurance and flexibility are important for maintaining fitness, improving performance, and injury prevention.

– by Suzanne Hunter Serafin, Gopher PE Blog


What Students Need to Know:

  • Show students that dance is part of their pop culture through YouTube videos, movies, and TV. Ask students if they know of any good videos to show as well.
  • Tell them why dance is a great skill physically, physiologically, and socially.  Emphasize how it can enhance different aspects of their lives such as athletic performance, personal enjoyment, and social interaction.
  • Find a dance that they can relate to culturally. We are in South Carolina so “the shag” is our state dance.
  • Encourage students who have dance skills to perform for the class. Make it “cool”. This may result in anything from break dancing to tap dancing so be prepared.

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