Insects Galore!

This past week Mr. Ron Weaver came to teach us all about our new honeybees! We will be getting our hive of bees over spring break. He brought an observation hive with him for the students and teachers to look at. We learned all about the honeybees, what they eat, how to spot the queen, what they do all day, and even how to treat a sting. It was very informative and fun. It is so exciting to think that our honeybees will be here soon. They will be housed in the library- come by and see them! 

The students in our class  began getting our garden beds ready to plant. We are hoping to get everything planted before spring break! We’ve also had some changes in our insect zoos. Our brassica caterpillars have changed and our painted lady caterpillars have gotten quite big! We may be returning tomorrow to some butterflies…fingers crossed.                                                     IMG_3360IMG_3361IMG_3362IMG_3363IMG_3364IMG_3365IMG_3366 2IMG_3367 2IMG_3322IMG_3308IMG_3312IMG_3318fullsizeoutput_1efdFullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender


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