Info on Upcoming Lower El Play

Lower Elementary Play – The Holly Jolly Pirates of Pinataville
Friday, May 19th
5:30 p.m.
Waccamaw Middle School

Holly Jolly SCRIPT

Holly Jolly CAST LIST

Parents of first and second years: I have given your child the option of choosing what character they would like to play in our production. They were allowed to choose from three options: Pirate, Person of Pinataville, or a Mermaid. I have talked specifically to a couple of students about being parrots because I only need 3-4 parrots. As long as your child chooses one of those three options I am ok with whatever decision they make.

Parents of third years: Your child was given a specific part after their audition, so their character has been assigned. I have given out all of the scripts to the students before they headed into spring break, but you can download it using the button above (along with the Cast List). Please work with your child to help him/her memorize their lines.

You do not need to go out and purchase a pre-made costume, however you may if you would like. However all costumes must be school appropriate. I would like the kids to get creative in designing their costumes. Pirates can wear bandanas and stripes, ruffled shirts/scarfs, eyepatch, big pirate hats, or any number of things as long as they look like a pirate. People of Pinataville can wear colorful elaborate costumes of sombreros, poncho, straw hat, full ruffled skirts, or may wear simpler costumes of plain pants/skirts and sandals and may attach color fabric to them.

Mermaids may get creative with their costumes and add shells and other ocean themed things. Mermaids will need to be able to walk so keep that in mind if adding on a tail to the costume. I am requesting that Narrators dress in all black. I would like them to all have a uniform color that tells the viewers what kind of character they are. Pinataviile Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor can dress just like the people of Pinataville but with an additional name tag that says their title on it.

This play will be a lot of fun and I can tell the students really enjoy singing the songs already! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about anything!

Thank You,
Mr. Chad Thompson
Coastal Montessori Charter School

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