Homework Expectations

Upper Elementary 4 (SEAHORSE 2014)- Homework Expectations 2014-15

Welcome! We are excited about the upcoming year with the Upper Elementary students!

Here is some information to get everyone ready for homework.


In the Upper Elementary classroom, the students will be given weekly homework assignments in math, spelling/vocabulary and reading. The purpose of this homework is 3-fold:

  1. It helps students to become responsible workers and good time managers,
  2. It serves as a review of material learned, and
  3. It prepares students to transition to traditional middle schools.


Please note that the homework should be the students’ independent work. Mistakes are indicators to us of what material needs to be reinforced in class. The students will be given the opportunity to revise or correct their work and further their understanding. That said; please do look at the work your child brings home. If they are asked to redo portions of the work, please make sure that they follow through. The teachers’ comments on the work should be helpful to your child and indicators to you of where your child may need more practice.


We support and encourage family and extracurricular activities. Therefore, in order to ease planning, students will write down and bring home their homework for the upcoming week on the prior Friday. Students will have monthly planners that they will use to manage their in-school work and their homework. Because the students know their upcoming homework a week in advance, there is no excuse for late homework. Please help your child develop a homework routine that works for your family.


We will be using the Wordly Wise workbooks for our practice with Language Arts skills (spelling/vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing) and we will have a math workbook to use – it has been ordered, and we are awaiting its arrival, so that we may get started in it. Until the math workbooks arrive, we will send home math packets.


We will be introducing History Contracts soon, which will include five activities from a myriad of options. Much of this work can be accomplished during class-time, however, some of the work might require extra time and attention at home. The work on the History Contract will be due at the end of each month. We are also asking our students to do one book report each month, also due at the end of the month. Students can use books they are reading daily during Silent Reading, but we also ask that your child read at least 20 minutes each day!


The homework schedule will generally be routine as follows:

Due Monday:                          Wordly Wise Sections A & B; Math – 2 pages each evening

Due Tuesday:                          Wordly Wise Section C; Math – 2 pages each evening

Due Wednesday:                     Wordly Wise Section D; Math – 2 pages each evening

Due Thursday:                         Wordly Wise Section E-Passage; Math – 2 pages each evening

Due Friday:                              Wordly Wise vocabulary/spelling test & timed math facts quizzes.


Reading books should come to school every day so that students can participate in silent reading. From past experience, we suggest that when not in use, all school materials be stored in the students’ backpacks! This assures that the students will be prepared with their books and written responses at school.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have. Our email addresses are included below.


Ms. Elisabeth & Ms. Kim



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