Hola Hola Coca Cola

Please be sure that your scholar is completing the assigned Spanish work!  The work I assign is to reinforce the lessons taught during class.  Nothing should be too difficult, but please remember that if there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

1st Years

We have been singing a lot of songs in the first year classes!  Hopefully they are repeating and singing them with you.  We are learning the days of the week, numbers and other fun vocabulary through song!

2nd Years

Second year students have been working hard on basic sentence structure!  We have progressed this year from simple vocabulary to being able to answer questions in Spanish!

3rd Years

We continue to work on our basic question and answer structures with new vocabulary each week.  The kids have been progressing like champs!

4th Years

Fourth Year students have added a few more question words to their vocabulary.  We have been having fun mixing all our different vocabulary together and making very descriptive sentences.

5th Years

Food!  We have been working on a food unit over the last few weeks.  Hopefully your students have been asking your likes and dislikes about different foods.  We will continue to work our way through daily meals over the next few weeks.

6th Years

Sixth years have worked hard this year!  We finished Cabibara Con Botas – a full length novel!  We are delving further into Señor Wooly and really dissecting the videos.


Overall, the scholars are doing great! I hope their hard work from the last few weeks will continue to the end of the year!


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