Highlights from Last Week

We began our continent study of Africa last week. Enjoy the photos!

The students had fun trying on authentic African attire.

IMG_7795 (1) IMG_7797 (1)

We learned how to play “mancala,” a popular game in Africa. In this game of strategy, the objective is to try to capture all of your opponent’s stones or seeds.

A few of our classmates brought in empty egg cartons and pennies to make their own mancala games.

We read an African folktale called, The Spider Weaver: A Legend of Kente Cloth, by Margaret Musgrove. This story inspired the students to practice weaving again and make their own “Kente cloth.” We also enjoyed many trickster tales starring Anansi the Spider.

Of course the real highlight of the week is always community snack. Last week, Rome and Samuel were in charge of the grocery shopping. Ms. Linda has been our cashier most Friday mornings at Lowes Foods. She let’s the students scan the items, enter the produce codes, and she always asks the students to calculate their change before the sale is complete. It is a wonderful experience.

IMG_7835 IMG_7842 IMG_7845

We had many cooks in the kitchen on Friday!

IMG_7857 2 IMG_7858 2 IMG_7862 IMG_7863 IMG_7868 IMG_7871 (1) IMG_7873 IMG_7877

Our North African Couscous was a crowd pleaser!

IMG_7884 IMG_7886

Kingsland and Liliana managed the worm compost at the end of the week and fed the worms our food scraps from community snack.

Looking forward to another great week!


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