Having a Ball!

Oct 30th – Nov 3rd

Throwing and Catching

This week we will be continuing Throwing and Catching skills in the Lower and Upper Elementary classes. The students will continue to develop an understanding of the basic principles of throwing and catching, and demonstrate these skills in simple combinations. They will be able to note how these skills require varying amounts of energy that cause physical changes to the body and identify the opportunities that exist for participation in throwing and catching activities

Mature Overarm Throw

  Mature Overarm Throw         Breakdown

  • During preparation, throwing arm swings backward and upward.
  • Elbow moves close to ear level, leading the throw
  • A forward step is taken with foot opposite of the throwing arm.
  • During the throw, body rotates to face forward and body weight transfers from back to front foot.
  • Elbow straightens before release, with throwing arm reaching forward and downward in follow-through.

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