Happy Holidays!

Here it comes! One of the most beloved times of the year is back! Maybe I’m a bit nostalgic and sentimental but I love this time of year. I love tradition and celebration. I love learning about the world and how other cultures create memories with their loved ones. Kids love it too…and if you spend enough time with them you’ll find it’s rarely for the reasons you think. Of course they love gifts, but what they generally love more, is the togetherness. They appreciate when we can find the balance in the chaos and the calm. They are renewed when we model the act of Love in so many ways. They experience the joy of being charitable and grateful. We are able to find that while people all over the world celebrate in different ways, affirming differing beliefs, we also celebrate for the same reasons…life, light, love and hope.

Over the next few weeks, we will enjoy learning about winter holidays from all over the world! One of the places will “visit” is Germany, the home of gingerbread! We would love to make some gingerbread in class! Be on the lookout for a sign-up genius link to donate some ingredients if you’d like to help.

We wrapped up November with Thanksgiving activities, the community feast and 3rd year presentations on SC symbols. Enjoy these moments!

Next week:
ALL KIDDOS – Winter Holidays Around the World, symmetry, graphing/data analysis, lunar phases


Thirds only: arrays, cause/effect


Seconds only: Homophones, ph digraph, stamp game division

Firsts only: silent e, book making, addition games

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