Happiness Comes in Waves

It is such a joy to see the students pour themselves into the study of our oceans. Older and younger scholars, new Montessorians and seasoned philosophers, have come together in a quest for knowledge and a show of creativity. I am impressed by their findings and know you will be, as well, at our Presentations of Research tomorrow morning.

We continued our team building with STEM and STEAM based activities. The students had to use effective communication skills, solve multi-step problems and work cooperatively.

We began our map studies in Australia, with the third years connecting their research studies and prior knowledge with the waterforms in and around the continent. We will continue this week, integrating practical life skills with the first years as we paint and line stitch a map of Australia onto a pillowcase. Second years are working on Australian puzzle maps and timelines of the continent’s history.

Next week:
No School Monday! Happy Labor Day!
Thirds – animal classification, types of lines, irregularly spelled words, review of dynamic stamp game

http://www.englishworksheetsland.com/grade3/4irspell.html (printables)

Seconds – digraph review, expanded notation, review of sight words, 3D/2D shapes, Australia maps http://www.softschools.com/language_arts/phonics/games/ch_sh_wh_th_sounds.jsp

Firsts – short vowels and blending, 45 layout, bead chains, Australia map

Short Vowels a, e, i, o, u, Phonics Practice Activity

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