Handshakes and Pancakes!

Last week at this time, I was giddy with anticipation of the eclipse and had butterflies (yes, teachers get them too!) at the thought of beginning a new school year. It makes me think of a Justin Roberts song called “Giant Sized Butterflies” that I play for my boys on the first day of school. 
If you’re not familiar with it, here it is:
(Incidentally, Justin Roberts was a primary Montessori teacher in Evanston, Il. when I lived in Chicago. I am lucky to have seen him a few times before he got his big break! My boys have listened and rocked out to his music from infancy through their primary years… a little older now but still appreciate it.)
Our first week was very productive.  We had many lessons and reminders on grace and courtesy, classroom etiquette, routines, and expectations.
As part of our grace and courtesy lessons, we have been practicing how to properly greet one another. Ask your scholar what the acronym “ELF” stands for! Also, as you introduce your child to others, suggest that they use these skills that we rehearse in our morning meeting; a good handshake and a smile leaves a lasting impression. 
On Thursday morning, your scholar observed the First Great Lesson. This is a impressionistic lesson on the creation of the Universe. The returning students always look forward to this lesson and can hardly keep all the exciting parts a secret from the 1st years! We leaped into studying the states of matter after our Great Lesson, and will continue our studies this week. 
An important reminder regarding in-class snack and lunches: 
We take great pride in making an effort to be environmentally conscientious at CMCS; this means having the least amount of trash possible in your scholar’s lunch. Try using reusable containers and/or reusable bags. Also, I strongly encourage fresh fruit or vegetable for your child’s in-class snack. Chips and other treats do not support your scholar’s capability when it comes to being attentive and focused; they also leave crumbs and attract bugs. 
Here are some suggestions on healthy snacks for your young scholar: 


Enjoy the photos below!
Have a wonderful week,
Ms. Shaye
School-wide research projects. Middle schoolers, Upper Elementary students, and Lower El all working together!
Inline image 4
Making pancakes in our Chemical Change Cafe!
Inline image 5Inline image 8
Inline image 7Inline image 6
Inline image 10
Inline image 1
Kinzie and Kalin show off their new sewing skills. Sew much fun!
Inline image 12
The second years review and take notes on the Five Kingdoms after our lesson
Inline image 13
The scholars enjoyed a visit from our new music teacher, Mr. Joe
Inline image 14

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