Habitats and Nets

Hello families,

We have been hard at work in the classroom over the past week! The habitat project that stems from our Aquarium trip has been a big part of our class time. The students are finishing up the research portion and are beginning to work on the technology aspect. It has been great watching them explore and learn in a hands-on way with each other. As the projects finish, I will share with you how to check out each group’s final product! The finished project is due this Friday, February 24th.

Also, the students should be finishing their note collection and research for their biography. This week, the students will begin the writing of their report and finalize the speech portion for the Wax Museum next week. The writing portion will not be finished by the time our class presents at the Wax Museum, but all of the research will be already completed which is what is required for the presentations. The Wax Museum is one of my favorite annual events and I hope you can come to see the performances for yourself!

This week marked the third week of our chicken, Pharaoh Eugene Chuck-a-Dilly’s mummification. Below are some pictures of where we are in the process. At the beginning of next week we will be able to see if enough moisture has been removed from the chicken’s body to begin wrapping in cloth. In between the layers of wrapping, the ancient Egyptians placed oils, herbs, and epigraphs with prayers for the afterlife. I would love to have some students bring in strong smelling, dried herbs to add to the layers (examples would be cinnamon, mint, rosemary, etc). We will write and draw epigraphs to place in between the layers before the burial ceremony.

DSC00699 DSC00703 DSC00704 DSC00710 DSC00720 DSC00726

This week in Science, Ms. Sarah had the students begin planting the Spartina seeds. We will be caring for and observing the seeds in the greenhouse over the next few months. At the beginning of May, the fifth years will journey back to the saltmarsh and plant the Spartina seedlings. This is a great opportunity to learn while helping restore our local wetland ecosystem.

DSC00733 DSC00732 DSC00715 DSC00735

On Friday, I gave a lesson about the differences between 2D and 3D shapes. We discussed what makes them different and how flat paper can be used to create three-dimensional shapes called “nets”.  We had a blast cutting and building some nets on our own. This week, I will be giving lessons about volume and we will figure out which nets have more volume. 

DSC00738 DSC00743 DSC00745 DSC00737

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend! 

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