Great accomplishments for CMCS in First Academic Fair Event

On Saturday January 24, 2015, CMCS scholars and coaches participated in their very first Georgetown County School District Academic Fair at Georgetown Middle School. Thank you to our student CMCS team; to the administration members Dr. Dozier, Ms. Patty Hamel, and all of the other personnel that made this event happen; to all those who showed up to support the CMCS team; and special thanks to the CMCS coaches, Mr. Chris, Ms. Antoinette and Ms. Amber, for the many hours they put into prepping our scholars for success.

You can view photos from the event on our CMCS flickr page.

It was the first year CMCS participated, so there was a little nervous anticipation by the scholars who were not sure what to expect.  But you never would have known on the day of the event as you can see by the honors our CMCS team won. We are so proud of their achievements!  It was a great day for our CMCS community. Such a proud moment for a school with such a big heart and tremendous passion and drive.


  • Grade 3/4th team – 3rd place in their division.
  • Grade 5th team – 1st place in their division.
  • Grade 6th team – 3rd place overall.


Here are the events that led to the Overall Awards outcome:

Pitch A Story

  • 3/4th – 1st place
  • 5th – 2nd place

Word Works

  • 3/4th- 1st place
  • 5th – 1st place


  • 3/4th – 2nd place
  • 5th – 2nd place
  • 6th – 3rd place

Show What you Know

  • 5th – 3rd place


  • 3/4th- 2nd place
  • 5th -1st place
  • 6th – 3rd place

Spontaneous Problem Solving

  • 3/4th – 1st place
  • 6th – 1st place

Net Research

  • 5th – 2nd place
  • 6th – 3rd place

Map Reading

  • 5th – 1st place
  • 6th – 3rd place



3/4th Grade

  • Emma Grace Baudet
  • Lleyton DeRenzo
  • Abby Hoskins
  • Truman Miller
  • Logan Tomovski
  • Allie Bird
  • Gabrielle Bohan
  • Caroline Buck
  • Greg De La Cruz
  • Gabriella Martin
  • Zaria Robey

5th Grade

  • Abigail Alford
  • Kate Attias
  • Peyton Brown
  • Jeb Bell
  • Beau Bryan
  • Joe Chastain
  • Ben Hendrix
  • Sarah Jones
  • Jaden Kinard
  • Manuela Marcantoni
  • Harrison Propps
  • Braedon Tomovski

6th Grade

  • Jon Coradi
  • Arden Cusack
  • Eli Goldschmidt
  • Naomi Higgins
  • Chloe King
  • Anna Ross Lee
  • Sierra Lindqist
  • Meghan Lord
  • Savannah Pender
  • Charity Pfeiffer
  • Will Sarvis
  • Joe Ursits

Congratulations to everyone for this outstanding achievement!

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