Goodaye, Mate!

We are really enjoying our study of Australia and are hoping to have a culminating “Australia Day” before the end of the month to share our research, make an Australian-inspired community snack, listen to Australian music, learn a dance and create Aboriginal art. Be on the lookout for a Sign-up Genius link for items we’d like to have donated.

Students have bonded with our pets, collaborated with peers, studied numeration and the work of numbers, and dug deep into phonetic awareness and geometry skills. Here’s a look at our week…

Next week for First:
Short vowel studies, golden beads, beginning digraphs, parts of a fish, tens board

Next week for Second:
a year and its parts, synonyms, relationship of 3 lines, comparing/contrasting, stamp game multiplication

Next week for Thirds:
animal research, antonyms, layers of the earth, checkerboard, dictionary work, money review

Picture day will be Wednesday, Sept. 27th. Students may wear polished free dress.

Dollar Dress Days will begin next Wednesday and will include every subsequent Wednesday (with the exception of Formal Dining Days and picture day). Dollar Dress Days is a fundraiser for the MMUN group as they raise money for their annual trip to the UN in New York every spring. If your child wishes to participate in the fundraiser, he/she should bring in $1. There will be a theme for each of the days this year. Next Wednesday the 20th is Hat Day. If your child brings in $1, he/she may wear a hat.

Please see your email for information regarding Ms. Antionette’s next Sewing Hour.

Please allow your child to enjoy his/her playdough/slime/putty at home. We have had several instances of it coming to school and getting stuck in our carpet. As you know, we value an environment of order and beauty, preserving the investment of our new building.

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