For the Love of Fur

As we travel through North America and on to Europe, we learn about winter holidays celebrated by diverse cultures. We have spent Christmas in Mexico, learning of the history of the poinsettia. We researched Kwanzaa and it’s roots in African culture, creating traditional mkekas (pronounced muh-kay-kuh). We visited England where Christmas cards and “T’was the Night Before Christmas” originated and also where Boxing Day is celebrated. Boxing Day (celebrated on December 26th) is a time to help the community by providing for those in need.

We decided as a class to donate to All 4 Paws, our local animal rescue. You came through with donations of pet supplies, toilet paper, cleaning products, spray bottles, and detergents. A representative from A4P visited on Wednesday with great lessons of behavior with animals (known and stray), and how our donations will help them continue the great work they do in our community. We even made some new friends: a kitten and an 8 week old collie mix, Garrison. A4P makes sure all animals have a clean bill of health and are up to date on vaccinations before being eligible for adoption. I am happy to report that Garrison AND his brother were adopted after his visit with us. There are still 5 more litter mates awaiting their furever homes!

Part of the Montessori way of life is to value all things living and nonliving with care and respect. I feel so honored that we were able to use this time to show support for our community and to have the opportunity to see joy envelope the kids as they witnessed the personality and soul of another living thing.

Here are some links to some wonderful research on the connection between respect/care for animals and the positive effect on a child’s behavior:









A Remind message is forthcoming with some new homework suggestions. Happy Holidays!

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