Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Have you filled a bucket today? Everyone carries an invisible “bucket,” which represents your mental and emotional health. When we show others we care through kindness, respect and love, we fill their buckets- and we fill our own buckets, too. When we are unkind, disrespectful and hurtful toward others we dip into their buckets, as well as our own. Carol McCloud uses this concept of bucket filling in her book, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” as a way to teach children about positive behaviors. Last Monday, we read this book and discussed the concept of being bucket fillers and how we can fill each other’s buckets. We also talked about negative actions that dip into other’s buckets, as well as our own.

We practiced this concept with two activities. In the first activity, every student was given a slip of paper with an action written on it. For example some papers read, “Invite a friend to play with you at recess,” or “Help someone clean up their mess.” While other slips of paper read actions such as, “Let the door close on the person behind you,” or “Make an ugly face at someone.” We took turns reading our slips of paper and decided if the action was a bucket filler or bucket dipper. Bucket fillers went into a purple beach bucket and bucket dippers went straight into the trash can. We agreed that there’s no place for bucket dippers in our classroom.

On Tuesday, we sat in a big circle and each student had a drawing of a bucket. We wrote our own names on our bucket and passed them to the left for one minute intervals. We took turns writing bucket fillers on each of our classmates’ buckets. Some students chose to write words or messages, while others drew pictures. The best part was when everyone’s bucket made it all the way around the circle back to its owner and we got to read the uplifting comments and enjoy the delightful drawings our classmates made for us. It was a positive experience for everyone, indeed!

Fill a bucket today!


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