Fed-Ex Delivers

Recently, Ms. Shaye shared an incredible idea with our team. She told us about having a “Fed-Ex” Day. In a hyper-focused, super concentrated session of discovery, students choose a topic, generate questions, research through multiple sources, plan a visual presentation and communicate findings with the class. All of this would be done and “delivered” in a day. I decided to have our first Fed-Ex day on Friday, and while intense enough to only have once or twice a year, it was a complete success.

As a group, in recognition of Black History Month, we looked at and discussed several well-known African Americans who had impacted our world in diverse ways. We looked at the areas of science and medicine, education and agriculture, writing, acting, music, athletics, politics and public service to name a few. The students, some in partner groups and some choosing to work independently, selected the individual they would like to research and dove right in.

Coming up:
1sts: polygons, reptiles, main idea, nonstandard and standard measurement, stamp game addition

Reptiles Profiles, Quizzes, Anatomy, Activities and Videos for Kids

Printable measurement: https://www.superteacherworksheets.com/measurement/measurement-snakes_BBAGT.pdf?up=1472141766

2nds: Time to the minute, measurement in word problems, idioms, quadrilaterals, checkerboard

Printable measurement word problems: http://www.mathinenglish.com/worksheetview.php?id=421&stid=220060


3rds: Figurative language, TDA, No Red Ink, mixed math review, triangle study

www.noredink.com (Your third year will know their username and password. We have already set up accounts in class.)


Reminder: There IS school Monday as this is serving as one of the make-up days from the snow in January.

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