February Classroom Happenings!

Hello All,

I can hardly believe it is already February! This year really is flying by! I hope you received my email on Friday welcoming Ms. Christy to our classroom. I look forward to the stability, skills, and talents she will be contributing to our classroom this year!

This Thursday is the 100th day of school and I have a list of interesting work tasks for the kids to do but it will be enhanced if the students bring their own collection of 100 things. They can bring in a collection of 100 of anything they want, but it has to fit in a zip-baggie. I look forward to seeing their collections!

I’m sorry that the Gala was cancelled this year. We just didn’t have enough ticket sales to carry on with the planning. We will be auctioning off classroom and other bigger items in a week or so on Facebook. If you don’t have a FB account, perhaps you can use a friend’s or make one for just this event. Our class is working on an oil painting a sunset image of South Carolina on a canvas. Ms. Nan’s class painted a beautiful tree on reclaimed wood. Ms. Sarah’s class has painted a beautiful abstract painting. Ms. Hillary’s class is crocheting a blanket and other rooms have glazed pottery and taken photographs. All of these items are special and unique and the funds we raise will be split between the school’s outdoor environment and the MMUN NYC trip.

The sixth year students who worked towards going to NYC for the annual Montessori Model United Nations conference leave on February 20. The week will include meeting Montessorians from around the world, collaborating and brainstorming resolutions to many of the world’s most difficult topics, and sightseeing around New York City. Wish us luck and bon voyage!

We will be beginning our annual Biography Readings and Reports this week. I will send home a schedule of due dates after introducing it to the children. This activity is well received by the students and culminates with our annual Wax Museum Tour.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Students will have the opportunity to share Valentines with each other if they want. It is not required. We will make mailboxes this year, so please send in a shoebox by Friday if your child would like to participate!

We will be resuming our Wordly Wise homework later on in the month after we finish our analogy workbooks. Look for analogy books to be brought home for the next two weeks. We took a pause on math homework since our Spectrum math workbooks do not spend enough time working with fractions which is what we are focusing on in class – in my opinion the point of homework is to teach responsibility and practice current and relevant material from home that we are working on in class. I will update you when we resume homework in our Spectrum math workbook. ***One skill that the students can ALWAYS practice from home is math facts! If you have any flash cards to practice those skills from home that would be a smart use of time.

We will have school Monday, February 19th, as a make up day for the inclement weather and snow days we experienced this year.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening,

Ms Sarah

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