Feb. 18 News

Happy February, Y’all!

Believe it or not, it IS already February. This year is zipping by! This Thursday is the 100th day of school and I have a couple of ideas and a list of interesting work tasks for the kids to do but it will be enhanced if the students bring their own collection of 100 things.  They can bring in a collection of 100 of anything they want, but it has to fit in a zip-baggie.  I look forward to seeing their collections!

I’m sorry that the Gala was cancelled this year. We just didn’t have enough ticket sales to carry on with the planning. We will be auctioning off classroom and other bigger items in a week or so on Facebook. If you don’t have a FB account, perhaps you can use a friend’s or make one for just this event. Our class painted a beautiful abstract painting with the help of Tommy Starling that will be auctioned off. Tommy has also donated an abstract painting of his own to be auctioned. Ms. Hillary’s class is crocheting a blanket; other rooms have glazed pottery and taken photographs. All of these items are special and gorgeous and the funds we raise will be split between the school’s outdoor environment and the MMUN NYC trip. See the attached pictures below.

We will have a guest speaker later this month – Lisa Swanger – who is with the Coastal Waccamaw Watershed Education Program. She will be educating the children on the use of a rain barrel to help control storm water runoff, a large polluter of our fine waterways. CMCS will receive a water barrel for our school that we can use for watering our own gardens.

The sixth year students who worked towards going to NYC for the annual Montessori Model United Nations conference leave on February 20. The week will include meeting Montessorians from around the world, collaborating and brainstorming resolutions to many of the world’s most difficult topics, and sightseeing around New York City. Wish us luck and bon voyage!

We will start on our annual Biography Readings and Reports this week. I will send home a schedule of due dates after introducing it to the children. This activity is well received by the students and culminates with our annual Wax Museum Tour. I will be encouraging the children to choose someone who had made a contribution to the world in the areas of bravery, peacekeeping, generosity, knowledge, or technological advances.

Here is a look at the month ahead:

  1. Will be starting back up with Wordly Wise later this month when Analogies are over. We will have the lesson’s test on Thursday mornings just like before.
  2. Math homework will continue, and will consist of basic skills practice. This practice will vary depending on individual level and skill.
  • Please communicate with me if your child’s homework is NOT independent. In my eyes, one purpose of homework is to teach responsibility as well as an opportunity for independent work. If you are coaching the skill at home, I NEED TO KNOW so I can reteach the skill in class.
  1. Valentine’s Day is coming up. Students will have the opportunity to share Valentines with each other if they want. It is not required. We will make mailboxes this year, so send in a shoebox by Friday, please.
  2. We will have school February 19 as a make up day for the inclement weather we have experienced this year.


I believe that’s it! Have a wonderful week,



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