End of the Quarter; Beginning of Semester 2!

Report cards went home on Wed. for signatures after you have conferenced with your child. Please return this signed document by next Wed.  We want you be aware of your child’s progress, and this is an easy way to keep in touch! If you wish to conference with any of the middle school members, please email us at any time!

CMCS Gala for Feb. 10  has been cancelled, but auction items are still up for bid–silent auction style. Please log onto the online auction and see what projects we have created!  Highest bidders are awarded the prizes!  All monies directly contribute to the school’s MMUN event and may enhance the school in other ways–outdoor awnings or sunshades?

Community Outreach is happening once again. A new group of MS students were able to “get out” and mingle with community members. Today, our middle schoolers visited the Lakes of Litchfield and MSPI for some memorable interactions with a wide range of age groups!  The Groundhog Day pictures the kids created were fridge-worthy!


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