El Conejo Y La Tortuga

Over the next few weeks the Middle Schoolers in Spanish will be reading the well known story “The Tortoise and the Hare”.  The language is easy to use and the story is one that is very familiar to most of the students.  We will also be delving into grammar and verb usage a little more with this story.

Last week the students watched a few videos in class about how to use the Direct and Indirect Objects in Spanish.  The videos are from a website called https://spanishdude.com.  His videos are short and full of easy to understand information and little nuggets that I find help to explain the “why do they do that?!?” of speaking in Spanish.  His videos even have practice sheets that students are able to use to improve their grammar skills.  If you have an older student taking high school pr college level Spanish, This could be a great resource for them.

We are continuing to use songs from Señor Wooly as part of our curriculum as well.  We have learned that our guapo friend Victor is not all he thought he was in the first video “Soy Guapo”.  The kids enjoyed learning that Victor is actually “CALVO!”  We also learned how to “Sé Chèvere.”  Be sure to watch the videos with your students…you might learn a little something along the way and the songs are always catchy.


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