Educational Gymnastics

Dear Parent and/or Guardian:

I want to briefly describe the Educational Gymnastics unit that your child will be participating in PE this year and what your child can expect to learn over the next few weeks.

First and foremost I want to stress this is NOT Competition Gymnastics. Educational Gymnastics is part of the South Carolina Physical Education standards that are to be met by grades (K- 8th). Educational Gymnastics is simply a component of an elementary physical education curriculum that emphasizes learning body management skills and problem solving through applying the movement framework.  Student learning is individualized and assessment is based on task accomplishments demonstrating creativity, effort and skill development


As a result of participating in an educational gymnastic lesson or unit a student will:

  • Increase body coordination.
  • Develop health related fitness components; strength, strength endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Increase body and spatial awareness.
  • Develop and perform a sequence of movements.
  • Experience success through skill acquisition.
  • Learn to set goals.
  • Learn to cooperate with others to accomplish a task
  • Learn to gain and maintain static and dynamic balances using different body parts, shapes and bases of support.
  • Learn the skills and knowledge to be able to rotate the body on a vertical, horizontal and transverse axis.
  • Learn to transfer weight from one body part to another, using traveling movements, rolling, and flight movements.
  • Learn to suspend their body using hanging movements and shapes.
  • Demonstrate traveling, rotation, hanging and balance movements and shapes using different pieces of equipment.
  • Perform rotation, balance, hanging and traveling movements and shapes individually and in relationship to others.

*If your child has any medical conditions or injuries that you are concerned about during this type of curriculum please email me so that I may modify the lessons so that they are able to participate at the level they are comfortable.


Ms. Brandy Ellis

CMCS PE Teacher


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