Me Duele, El Pirata, El Perro Perdido

Over the past few weeks we have covered a few different stories in Upper Elementary.

4th Years – Me Duele – It Hurts

The fourth years have been covering the story Me Duele.  We have been learning body part vocabulary and how to say something hurts.  Señor Wooly also has a great video about body parts that have been a part of their homework.


5th Years – El Pirate – The Pirate

The fifth years have been reading the story El Pirate.  We have been learning land mass vocabulary.  The students had to draw their own treasure map and label the parts of their “Isla”.


6th Years – El Pedro Perdido – The Lost Dog


The sixth years have been reading the storyEl Perro Perdido.  We have been covering vocabulary dealing with different professions.  We have also enjoyed learning about different seasons in South America.


This coming week, I will be covering El Día de los Muertos – The Day of the Dead in all levels.  This is a big holiday celebration in Mexico, but most hispanic cultures celebrate it in different ways.  The holiday usually begins on November 1 and ends on November 2.  It is a Holliday to remember and celebrate those that have died.  It is not a scary holiday at all.  We will be watching some videos and learning vocabulary associated with the holiday.


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