CMCS Gifts Brookgreen With Beehive

Beehive Article smIf you’ve visited Brookgreen Gardens recently, you may have noticed something new near the deer overlook area in the Native Wildlife Zoo. CMCS gifted Brookgreen with an observational beehive.  This opportunity to give began when the students of Coastal Montessori Charter School were on the receiving end of an observational beehive from East Cooper Montessori Charter School in 2015 through a grant obtained from the Bee Cause Project of Charleston.  (This observational bee hive will be on a private wall off of the media center at our new facility.)  Upon receiving this gift the students asked what they could do to get the word out about the importance of bees and the role they play in our world.  East Cooper only asked that we “Pay it forward” and that is exactly what we did.  Through honey sales and the hard work of Ms. Heather Teems, Ms. Amber Wheeler Bacon, Ms. Antoinette Ursits, and many others we were able to make this incredible contribution to Brookgreen.

If you have not seen an observational beehive they are fascinating and completely safe.  You rarely find yourself this close to bees.  The bees enter and exit the observational hive behind a protective wall, which makes it possible for us to watch them as they work for the queen and make honey.  The Bee Cause Project requires each organization sponsoring an observational hive to have a bee advocate and a bee keeper.  The advocate and keeper teach the kids about the work of bees, including the vital role they play in pollinating and the impact they play in our sources of fruits and vegetables.


Here’s a great article from Fox Business about Bumblebees Dying Out and why that’s important to us.

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