Celebrating Peace and Hamsters

I always love this week in January when our focus turns to our responsibility as a nation and a culture to continue the brave work of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We celebrate that he dreamed a dream that “turned the world upside down.” Our attention is heightened to the fact that this was accomplished through a life and works of love and peace. Dr. King and Dr. Montessori, with her philosophy so steeped in peacemaking, shared a vision of quiet unity and loud love.




We had a wonderful impromptu teaching/learning moment this week when one of our second years brought in a book set “If Puppies Could Talk” and “If Kittens Could Talk.” They were great resources to teach dialogue (ironically a skill we had planned on covering next week) and point of view. One of the kids said “I wonder what Theodore Fuzzy Pants {our spoiled rotten hamster} would say if he could talk?” LIGHT BULB! (I live for these moments!) So, we have begun our very own book “If Theodore Fuzzy Pants Could Talk.” In our storyboard planning we brainstormed situations where we could photograph TFP and match dialogue to his adventures. This group is spewing creativity! Here is a sneak peek of one of his shenanigans…

He’s actually not bad with the bead chains ๐Ÿ™‚

This will take us a few weeks, but we are already excited about the final product! Stay tuned!

Next week 1st: Repeated addition, money, Main idea, subtraction

Next week 2nd: Verb tenses, congruency, Q and A with literature, time to the minute

Next week 3rd: Dynamic Multiplication, dialogue, commas, text evidence (informational text)

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