Butterflies and Turtles and Bees, Oh My!

Spring is in the air and it’s especially showing itself at CMCS.  This week was packed with life as we met our honeybees, watched our painted lady butterflies emerge, and introduced a new friend to our 2 Yoga Turtles!

Mr. Weaver of the Blackwater Bee Association in the Conway area is our school’s Bee Mentor.  He introduced us to our honey bee colony on Thursday.  He is an amazing and talented speaker and we are so lucky that he is willing to be our mentor!  The students wrote letters to their parents sharing some of the facts they learned from Mr. Weaver’s visit.  The plan is for him to come and install our colony into our observation hive during Spring Beak.  Our observation hive is located in the library.  (Ms. Kim is so excited!)

Our painted lady butterflies emerged this week, and happily, we were here to observe a few of them in the process.  Of course, three of them emerged as we attended the Willy Wonka play, which, by the way, was fabulous!  We released them Friday afternoon.

Anna Rose, a second year, found a poor young yellow-bellied slider IN the Walmart this week!  Of course, she rescued it, and of course I couldn’t say no to taking in another animal…it’s doing pretty well with our 2 resident sliders.  I think he’ll be happy.

Enjoy the following pictures of our past week!

2017-04-04 14.26.45 2017-04-04 14.27.512017-04-04 14.30.36 2017-04-04 14.33.21 2017-04-04 14.28.312017-03-30 09.34.52 2017-04-04 14.25.54 2017-04-04 14.25.412017-04-07 15.30.29 2017-04-07 15.30.11 2017-04-04 14.26.32 2017-04-04 14.26.25 2017-04-04 14.26.112017-03-21 12.28.02 2017-03-21 12.27.52 2017-03-21 12.28.34


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