Biography Report Schedule

Hi Families,

Last week in class the students picked the name of their person for their biography report. They will be using their journals to take notes in and a graphic organizer to organize their notes.  Once your child is done reading and taking notes, the notes will be organized and the rough draft will be written.  All these steps might seem tedious, but it will help them visualize the final result.I have decided to allow two weeks for note taking and reading.  All 4th years must have 2 sources for their paper, 5th years should have 3 sources, and 6th years should have 3-4 sources.  This is our schedule:

Now – February 16 – Reading and note taking.  I will be helping with note taking as needed and checking notes weekly.

February 16 – All notes due, reading finished.

February 23  – Graphic Organizer due

March 2 – Rough Draft due

March 9 – Final Draft and Creative Element due

March ? – TBD  – Presentations and Wax Museum!  I will send out a schedule as soon as we have chosen dates. 


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