Back At It!

The weeks leading up to winter break were chock full of fantastic cultural studies, science experiments (like the one shown below with candy canes), practical life lessons of cooking/cleaning/hosting, daily random acts of kindness (including a candy cane bomb of the parking lot – so fun!), and creating a winter bird feeder while studying Germany’s tradition of decorating trees for the holidays. Thank you for making some of our extra special activities possible through your donation of supplies.








If you’re like my family, schedules got tossed for the holidays. Now that things will settle back into a groove this week, I encourage to make sure you are reading EVERYday. Research shows that 20 minutes a day of reading (independently or with a coach) is the best way to build better readers.

Second years are beginning easy division with the stamp game this week and will be introduced to verb forms in language. Try these for homework ideas:
(The best way to practice is by using manipulatives while you work (barbies/legos,etc as the divisor, cheerios or coins as the dividend).

First years have a special assignment this week. I am going to send home a timeline project. You can make it as simple or as complex as you’d like. Each year of your child’s life needs to be represented by a photograph and the corresponding events. You can put it on posterboard, accordion board, or simply tape the papers together in a line. I will attach a photo of a timeline I created for my family. Each year is shown and an event for each year given in sequential order. I’d like this returned and completed by Friday. If you have an questions or need an extension please let me know. Again, this is ONLY required of first years (though if your second or third year student wants to do it, they certainly may).

Third years are doing research on a European country of their choosing. They made their selections today so are prepared to begin research. I encourage them to work on this at home as well.

Have a great week!

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