Ms. Sarah Wilson

Maria Montessori taught us that children crave order, respect, and the opportunity to learn.  My Upper Elementary classroom’s expectations are in place to support the needs of the child between the ages of 9 – 12.  

Order: The child will work quietly, being respectful of other students’ needs.  The child will turn work in when completed and put belongings away when finished with them.  The child will work to the best of his or her ability every day.  The teacher will move quietly in the room, addressing children in a soft voice.  The teacher will check work promptly, returning it to the expected place.

Respect:  The child will talk to others in a respectful tone, using respectful language.  The child will listen when others are talking and offer to help those who need it.  The child will use the classroom materials carefully, returning them to the proper place.  The teacher will address others with a respectful tone, using respectful language.  The teacher will discuss personal issues in a private setting, being sure to listen when the child speaks.  

Opportunity to Learn:  The child will listen in lessons and complete assignments promptly.  The child will manage his or her time in class, ensuring time to get to all of his or her work daily.  The child will come to school well rested and ready to learn.  The child will take advantage of his or her time at school to learn and absorb all that is offered.  The teacher will come to lessons prepared to challenge the students and offer them new knowledge.  The teacher will keep an open mind and allow the children to teach her.  

Parent expectations:

Order:  The parent will keep a schedule at home that supports the child’s school needs.  The parent will teach the child to keep an orderly homework area and to be prepared to walk out of the house on time each morning.  

Respect:  The parent will treat the child with respect, listening when they talk.  The parent will support the child’s growth into independence by offering necessary assistance with schoolwork and personal care but also allowing the child to do for themselves when ever possible.  It is a delicate balance!

Opportunity to Learn:  The parent will support homework by offering guidance as needed while allowing space and time for independent work.  The parent will encourage the child to bring problems to the teacher and discussing solutions together.  The parent will ask the student about their day and ask about upcoming deadlines.  

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