Ms. Nan Gadek

Our classroom is a place of respect; for each other, our work, and ourselves. It is essential for all members of our classroom to feel supported and support each other. The students worked together to come up with our classroom guidelines.

1) We will work together to better learn and understand concepts. Working with our peers, We will be able to delve deeper into our learning and expand our thinking.

2) We understand the importance of our environment, inside the classroom and outside in nature. We will protect and respect our environment, so we can continue to learn and grow from them.

3) We will move our learning into real-world settings. We will discover the wonders of the world and how we can affect change in our world. We will be open-minded about different people, places, and ideas as we become global citizens.

My personal expectation for my students is for them to work at their full potential and create quality work. The Upper Elementary classroom is a demanding place, and it requires the students to focus and put forth a quality effort in all their learning experiences. Together, we will create a community of learners who have a desire to learn, a strong work effort, and the skills they need to be successful in all their endeavors.

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