August 25 – First Week down!

Hi parents,
Well, we survived the first week of school!  Yahoo!  I feel like it went really well and I hope all the children did, too.  Please feel free to contact me anytime you have a concern or question.  This email address is the best way to contact me.  I usually check email in the morning before school, sometimes during my lunch break, and always after school.


First Great Lesson with the help of the 6th years!

The First Great Lesson research project is going well.  We are still planning on presenting the final work on Friday morning starting at 8:15.  Please ask your child WHICH classroom they are presenting in as most are not working in our classroom.  We will do our best to accommodate sibling parents, but can not guarantee you will get to see both presentations.  Please check in with the teachers in the presentation rooms to ask about scheduling.
We will be starting homework this week with Wordly Wise.  The units will begin on Friday and conclude on Thursday with the test.  The test is comprised of multiple choice questions and a fill in the blank piece that is drawn directly from the reading comprehension story included in each unit.  Wordly Wise work can be done at school if all morning work is completed, but I highly recommend parents follow up with this homework at home by helping your child study, having them read the story out loud to you several times throughout the week, and checking their work nightly.  Wordly Wise is a great vocabulary program that I’ve been using for years and highly respect for the skills it teaches, but parents do need to support the child at home, too.  We will also work in math workbooks this year, but they won’t start until September.

A monthly homework assignment we use is called Word Wednesday. Word Wednesday is a monthly vocabulary program. The students follow the instructions on the front page of the attached file and prepare their vocab word in a digital document. On the assigned date, those students present their word and we project the document in the class.  This month, each child will receive a paper copy of the instructions and the word list for September, but after this one I will only be supplying the list orally to the children and digitally to you, the parent.

Carrigan, Quinn, and Abby create their own Secret Code.

This coming week we will continue with our unit on Secret Codes with a visit from Edie Jackson, a resource teacher who works with the hearing impaired.  She will demonstrate some sign language and talk about her work.  I’ve also borrowed a Braille typewriter that we will use to write with and we will look into Roman Numerals and Morse Code.

Please don’t forget about the Montessori Model United Nations meeting on Thursday at 5:00.  We will be discussing the 6th grade conference in New York City in March and would love to see all 6th grade parents there to gather information before making a decision about the trip. After our meeting, CMCS will host an Open House from 6 – 7:30.

A fun activity we are doing in class right now is making self-portrait ceramic tiles that we will use to tile the backsplash by our sink.  It’s going to be the bomb!
Have a wonderful week and I hope to see you on Thursday AND Friday!

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